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2021’s Best TV Mounts Available From Amazon

At this point, you know exactly where you want to put your TV and you have determined which type of TV mount you need. Now comes the hard part – selecting a TV mount that meets your needs without exceeding your budget! Make the choice easy by consulting our handy list.


Fixed Mounts

Pipishell fixed TV mount

Fixed Mounts For Small TV’s:

For the smallest spaces and budgets, check out this mount from Pipishell – it works with TVs as small as 17″ and costs about $13. It’s also an excellent choice for those who want a very streamlined look, since it sits only 1″ from the wall.

Perlesmith Fixed TV Mount

Fixed Mounts For Mid-Size TV’s:

This option from Perlesmith, costing only a few more dollars, will hold medium-sized screens (between 32″ and 82″) weighing up to 132lbs. Its accessible design allows it to be mounted over an outlet, so it’s easy to keep cords out of sight. Reviews describe it as well made, easy to install, and a great value for the price.

Kanto fixed tv mount

Fixed Mounts For Large TV’s:

If you prefer the cinema-esque experience offered by the largest televisions – or you just have a really heavy TV – consider this mount, capable of securely holding up to 200lbs and accommodating TVs up to 90″ thanks to Kanto’s sliding brackets. In addition, your screen can be locked in place with Torx security screws to prevent theft.

Tilting Wall Mounts

Suptek Tilting TV Mount

Tilting Mounts for Small TV’s:

Need to mount a small screen at an odd height? This model made by Suptek tilts forward to prevent glare and reduce eye strain. It holds TVs between 14-32″ and can hold up to 55lbs. Reviewers appreciated that the included hardware was neatly organized and labeled, making installation simple.

Mounting Dream Tilting Mount

Tilting Mounts for Medium TV’s:

This model from Mounting Dream will hold televisions measuring up to 70″ across and weighing up to 132lbs. Customers have given this mount overwhelmingly positive reviews, describing it as a great mount, well made and easy to assemble – and it comes at a price that’s easy on your wallet, too.

Sanus Tilting Mount

Tilting Mounts for Large TV’s:

For larger TVs, consider this mount made by Sanus. Capable of supporting up to 150lbs and handling screens between 46 and 90 inches, this model is well worth the larger price tag.

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Full Motion Mounts

Mounting Dream Full Motion Mount

Full-Motion Mounts for Small TV’s:

For flexibility in tight spaces, try this option from Mounting Dream. While it’s compact enough to work with 14″ screens, it is also sturdy enough to handle TVs of up to 39″ and 77lbs. Plus, with almost 27,000 five-star reviews, you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

USX Full Motion Mount

Full-Motion Mounts for Medium TV’s:

For medium-sized TVs (between 26″ and 55″), this model from USX Mount is Amazon’s Choice. It’s perfect for odd angles, as the screen easily turns side to side and can extend 18″ from the wall, while still supporting up to 60lbs. When not in use, it retracts to just 3″ from the wall, leaving plenty of space for cords and cables while not protruding too far into the room.

Perlesmith Full Motion Mount

Full-Motion Mounts for Large TV’s:

This is it: the mount for the ultimate television viewing experience. This sturdy steel model with dual arms can safely hold up to 165lbs, and the brackets adjust to fit 50″ to 90″ screens. Despite its strength, the mount isn’t bulky – it takes up only about 3″ when retracted. For easy access to cords and connections, you can extend it nearly two feet from the wall. For the perfect angle, it turns in every direction. As if that wasn’t enough, you can tilt your TV slightly to make it perfectly level even after installation!


Finishing the job

Even the best wall mount won’t work if it isn’t put up the right way. After purchasing the perfect mount, schedule a time for Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy to install it for ultimate peace of mind! Click here to get a quote, or call us at (877) 300-4050.

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