How high should you mount your TV?

You’ve finally found it – the perfect TV. You managed to fit it in the car, drove ever so carefully back home, and now you’ve transferred it to the safety of your living room, where it glows in the warmth of the afternoon sunlight. You can’t wait to kick back with your favorite show! First things first, though – where will you put it, and how high should you mount your TV?


Choosing the right location

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect place for your new television. To protect your investment, don’t mount your TV directly above a fireplace – the heat may damage the delicate electronics inside, and it will likely void your warranty. A better option is to install your TV in a place that is protected from excessive heat, such as above a solid mantel or recessed into the wall. For safety, it’s a good idea to check the temperature in the spot you are considering and compare it to the maximum safe temperature listed in the owner’s manual for your device. In general, a temperature of less than 100° should be okay. 

Another factor to keep in mind is where the television will be in relation to any light sources in the room, including lamps and windows. Bright lights very close to your TV or directly across from it may prevent you from seeing the screen clearly and could even harm your vision.

Consider the layout of the room

TV mounted above mantel in living room

Where will you be sitting while you binge-watch your latest favorite? Generally, your television should sit at eye level for comfortable viewing, which will also prevent unnecessary strain on your neck. Eye-level will vary depending on the height of the seating in your room. 

For viewers seated on an average couch, eye level will be approximately 42” from the floor. If your seating consists of barstools, eye level may be anywhere between 48-53 inches. To find the ideal height for your television, simply measure the height of your seats and add 24” above that.

What if viewers will be standing? In that case, 60” should allow most individuals to comfortably enjoy the show. 

What kind of TV do you have?

In some situations, you may need something more than a standard low-profile mount to place your television at the ideal viewing angle. For an LED or LCD television, mounting too far above or below eye level will likely result in distortion of the colors and shapes on the screen. This is caused by the location of the TV’s light source. In LED and LCD screens, the light is produced behind the screen and shines through it.

In contrast, the light source of an OLED television and 4k or 8k display is the screen itself. Since the light does not pass through a separate glass screen, there is no chance of the picture becoming distorted. In this case, it’s not necessary to mount the TV at exactly eye level – although to avoid neck strain, an angle of not less than 15° is recommended. 

Preparing to mount your TV

Flatscreen TV mounted above entertainment center cables concealed

Televisions can be very heavy, and any mistake in the mounting process can be quite costly. To ensure that your TV is mounted safely and correctly, we encourage you to call Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy. Make an appointment and let us handle it for you! 

To ensure that your installation goes quickly and smoothly, prepare by following these steps.

  1. Pick out the perfect spot for your TV, but consider a few backup locations just in case.
  2. Mark your desired location on the wall with a small piece of painter’s tape. Place the tape at about the height you want your TV. Next, move around the room and look at the piece of tape. Make sure that your selected location is at a comfortable viewing angle from each seating area.
  3. Purchase the perfect TV mount before your appointment, and have it ready for the technician as soon as they arrive.

Now, your work is done! Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy will know exactly how to mount your television, and we will make sure it is mounted at the perfect height for your viewing pleasure. Before you know it, you’ll be settled in and enjoying a movie with a fresh bowl of popcorn!


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