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How to Pick the Perfect TV Mount

Now that you’ve invested in your dream TV and found just the right spot for it, it’s time to find the perfect TV mount! There are several factors you’ll want to keep in mind while you’re choosing, including the movability and material used.



You can find TV mounts in three main styles, based on how much they move: fixed, tilting, and full motion.

Fixed TV Mount

Fixed mounts don’t move at all, so the TV stays parallel to the wall and can’t be adjusted. This means that the TV can’t be knocked out of position by an accidental bump. It also has a more neat and streamlined profile, and they tend to cost less than movable mounts. However, once the television is mounted, it’s more difficult to fix any mistakes or to move the television if you decide to rearrange the layout of the room.

Tilting TV Mount

A tilting mount offers more flexibility, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle of your TV as desired while the position stays the same. These cost a bit more than a fixed mount but usually less than a full-motion option. In addition, once you’ve found the best angle, the mount can be locked in place to keep it stable. Simply unlock it later if you choose to move things around.

Man installing full motion TV mount

Full-Motion / Articulating TV Mount

A full-motion, or articulating, TV mount offers the best versatility. While this option does tend to be a bit more expensive, it allows you the ultimate freedom to arrange and rearrange as much as you like without needing to take down and reinstall your TV. It’s also ideal for a large room with seating in several places rather than one central viewing location, as the TV can be adjusted to seen easily from anywhere you might choose to sit. Do you prefer that your television not be the room’s focal point? You can even hide it inside a cabinet when it’s not in use and simply pull it out when you’re ready for movie night!

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Most mounts are made of plastic, aluminum, or steel. Plastic is undoubtedly the most economical choice, but it may not be as durable as a metal mount. For a middle-of-the-road option – sturdier than plastic but not too expensive – consider an aluminum mount. Steel is heavy, and it can be costly. However, steel is by far the sturdiest material; if your TV is a larger or heavier model, steel may be the best choice.


View of TV mount assembly

Before purchasing your TV mount, you may want to check the reviews – is it easy to install? Some mounts are fairly simple to assemble, while others are so complicated they resemble rocket science!

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