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CCTV & Security Camera Installation

Are you concerned about the security of your property?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy is here to help! We offer top-rated security camera and CCTV installation services for both residential and commercial clients.

Our technicians are happy to guide you through choosing the placement and angles for your security cameras. We can install battery-powered smart cameras, as well as hard-wired cameras.

Not only do we provide a full-service installation experience, your technician can help you set up your monitoring screens and connect your smart phone to your cameras (on supported models) so that you can always be aware of what is happening on your property.

All of our technicians are professionally trained to install CCTV systems and security cameras, and everyone on our team is fully insured so that you can feel confident in booking your installation with us.

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Q: I can’t decide where to place my security cameras, can you help?

A: Absolutely! Our technicians can assist you with determining the best locations for your cameras. We’ve also published a helpful guide that walks you through some basic considerations on selecting camera locations. Click here to find out where to place your cameras!

Q:I don’t know which security cameras to purchase, do you have any recommendations?

A: We can’t provide any blanket recommendations since everyone’s situation is unique. We are happy to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your camera installation needs and to provide you with recommendations based on your individual needs. We’ve also published a helpful guide to help you determine the best types of camera to purchase. Click here to learn which kind of security camera you should purchase!

Q: I’m always busy. Are appointment times flexible?

A: We completely understand that you have a full schedule. That’s why we offer flexible appointment times 6 days a week. Book your appointment when it’s most convenient for you!