WiFi extender repeater installation

WiFi Extender/Repeater Installation

If you’ve ever had to move across the room to get a good WiFi signal in your house, you know how frustrating a poor WiFi connection can be.

WiFi dropping frequently, not being able to access the internet in certain parts of the house, and slow internet speeds can all be symptoms of inadequate WiFi range.

The solution to these problems is a WiFi extender, or repeater. A WiFi repeater connects to your router and “repeats” the signal to help extend the WiFi coverage in your home or office.

If you’re tired of dropped Zoom meetings and slow Netflix buffering, call Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy for a WiFi Extender Installation!

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Q: Do you supply the WiFi extender/repeater?

A: YFNCG does not sell devices. Rather than selling you a marked-up device that you didn’t choose, we allow our clients to pick out their own devices and we install them. When you work with us you get exactly the device you want and save money on it, too!

Q: What if I’m not sure which WiFi extender to purchase?

A: No problem! If you need assistance selecting the right repeater, we’ll be happy to set up a phone consultation to help you get the perfect device for your needs.